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Deepak Pandurang Rane

He is an Indian Film & TV Serial Producer.

He started his career as 'A’ Line Producer for movies like 72 Miles Ek Pravas produced under the banner 'Grazing Goat Pictures' which was co-produced by Akshay Kumar and Ashwini Yardi; Gangubai Non Matric produced by IRIS Productions & Mitwa by Meenakshi Sagar Productions.

Duniyadari was one of his most successful project which later became the greatest Marathi blockbusters of all times. He eventually became a full-fledged producer and carved a niche for himself with movies like Pyaar Vali Love Story produced with STV Network, Tu Hi Re with Indian Film Studios & Guru with Eros International. His recent film was Luckee.




72 Miles Ek Pravas is a life changing journey of 13 years old boy who matures himself from a mistake.

Kumari Gangubai Non Metric a comedy drama based on the pattern of Marathi Drama and serial of same name but with different theme.

A love triangle bounded by superstition and true love is explored in Mitwaa in smart way.


Set in College, Duniyadari tells a story of friends in the most entertaining way possible, including every commercial material.

Tu Hi Re is a Love saga which focuses on Past love and present love of protagonist. Confused between his x-gf and a wife his life is crafted in the film.

Pyar wali Love Story is a an Love Affair based on a sensitive theme like, can religious fights harm the true love and the lovers.

An action entertainer Guru is loaded with social awareness message like Society's Unity in massy way.

Luckee is another comedy film but not regular one, this one also has some thought-provoking pattern to change the perspective of today's youths.

Biscuit will do anything for his five-year-old blind sister Khari, to protect her from their cruel reality. One day she says she wants to watch the Cricket World Cup. Will Biscuit be able to make her dream come true?


Anjali is the first Marathi serial focusing on the world of medical science & hospital life.

Maithili, a small-town girl, struggles to reclaim her love and life after she is forced to assume the identity of her lookalike, Soniya Suryavanshi.

Fate brings together six people to Mumbai where they share a flat and become fast friends.

Seven youngsters from different backgrounds seek admission into a college and discover numerous emotions such as love and friendship while coming to terms with various challenges.

Duniyadari Filmy Ishtyle


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